We are SoBuy shop.

We offer innovative solutions.

We will create a beauty for you .

Based in Germany, Sobuy Commercial GmbH offers innovative and modern furnishing solutions. Direct sales and the associated cost savings in the supply chain enable high quality at a very attractive retail price for the benefit of the end customer.


Insist on material quality

The best example is our bamboo furnishing series. Bamboo is a very durable and renewable material with a high ecological value.

All common materials in furniture construction are controlled and monitored from the harvest to the finished product. In this way we can always access to a complete documentation to guarantee the sustainability and safety of our products in every respect.

Retail and delivery

The direct sales and in this way saved costs in the supply chain, ensures a high-quality product at a very attractive retail price for the benefit of the end customer.

The cooperation with our shipping service providers is not determined exclusively based on economic aspects, but defined by key figures such as transit times and accuracy. Short delivery times and a high-quality service in benefit of the customer are the result.

Product Portfolio

Specializations make top performance possible!

We are specialized in the furniture and interior. The competence through the focus in these areas guarantees a higher customer benefit, higher productivity and effectiveness.

Product Design

We invest in innovation!

The results of our research, future-oriented trends and changes in customer needs are key indicators of the evolution of our designs.

Through in-house developments, our design team works on creative and contemporary solutions for every living space.

High "individuality at maximum benefit" is our top priority and the unique selling point of our designs.


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